I am have a scenario that I don't think is right I have 2 NW6.5 SP1
servers w/BM 3.8 connected site to site. I don't think it's related to
the site to site VPN, but it has something to do with the loading of
timesync or timesync just shows the problem.

I have more than 2 servers, but only my NW6.5 SP1 servers w/BM 3.8 on
them present the problem. I also have a NW6.5SP1 without BM, NW6.5
without BM, and NW6SP3 w/BM3.8, and NW6SP3 without BM that don't
present the problem.

When booting up, after IP loads and BSDSOCK loads, I get a

Timesync: Waiting for TCP/IP to be initialized.

A few other components load, up to VPNINF.NLM and GAMS.NLM. During
this time, I will recieve about 16 of these messages (Timesync:
Waiting...) during a 1 - 2 minute period and then it will continue to
load. Timesync will load a few lines later, but why this hangup?
Since BM is on the box, I am using inetsys.ncf to load my boards and

Thanks in advance.

Dan Verbarg
BHDP Architecture
Cincinnati, OH