I have 4 NW6SP3 BM3.7 servers that I use for proxy/firewall access to the
internet. I usually load balance the users on 3 of the servers and keep
the 4th for backup and testing. They work great for about 3 weeks then I
get calls that sites that were working are not, or sites that should not
be blocked are. When this happens I usually try to clear the cache but
when I unload proxy the server abends. Then when I get the server
rebooted I notice corruption on the cache volumes when they mount so I
have to make sure none of the Border modules load and run vrepair and
dsrepair. Then I can load the border modules and proceed to clear cache.
I have looked at a lot of recommended settings and have noticed that my
CACHE volumes are 10-15G (recommended 8G or less)other than that
everything else looks good. Any ideas?