problems over problems. I've installed Teaming 1.0.3 on SLES 10 SP2. I want to sync EDirectory Users (OES 1, Edirectory 8) of one o=xxx into Teaming. All works fine. The sync is in function. But I have spaces in the Base DN. And that's really a big problem. Why?

In the Liferay Conf for ldap sync the sync is only working, if the string look like this:


A normal ldap://server:389/o=oneword anotherword theend

won't work. If I look in a ndstrace trace with the normal syntax it appears only as DN o=oneword and quits with an 601 Error. Only the Escape Sequenz do a correct bind and import the Users. So far so good..... That's work at the moment.

In the Enterprise Conf for ldap Authentication it's the same procedure. I have to use o=oneword%20anotherword%20theend. Only then I can save the Information.

Now we came to the User Login. The message is "Please enter a valid login." Sorry, what? I can see the Users in the Admin-Search function and the entries inside the database show correct DN's...... OK, do another ndstrace. All works fine, alle the ldapsearch functions work and there is no %20 inside. But if the initial ldapauth comes, then at the end (and ONLY on ldapauth!!!!) stands o=oneword%20anotherword%20theend and the whole procedure quits with an 601.

If I change the Conf-Entries without the %20 Escape nothing works and the first attempt on the Edirectory quits with 601.

What can I do???? I'm totally confused and please excuse my english. I hope it's readable.