Hello, I've found some references here and elsewhere on the internet regarding this issue. However most of what I have read points to some Symantec software.

Here is the problem "although it's pretty similar to the others I have seen"

I have built a windows XP VLK installation on a Lenovo T500. In this installation are the Lenovo software for drivers and the thinkvantage update software. I have also put in Flash,Java, Shockwave, quicktime, and Virus Scan 8.7.
None of these has ever been a problem in previous images and I have probably 30 images made in this manner.

I upload a non-sysprepped image to our zen server and can download it and use it just fine. When I sysprep the machine and upload it the machine will work fine on reboot. However if I download the image that is sysprepped I get the BSOD with the 0x024 error. I have tried it on multiple machines with same result.

As for troubleshooting here is what I have done.

Downloaded "corrupt" image that is sysprepped and immediately ran chkdsk without letting it blue screen and it found errors and fixed them. I then uploaded that image back to server AND to a local usb disk both images still fail with stop 0x024.

It's fairly obvious at this point that sysprep is ok and there is an issue with a change that Zen makes to the image file that causes this issue. We do have full support with Novell should I put in a support request? I'm hoping for a simple answer like delete X file in image and viola it will boot.

So far I'm having no luck.

Thanks for your input.