Since moving to Zenworks 10, Flash no longer works on most of my PC's running Internet Explorer.

I have a bundle to isntall Flash using the command
install_flash_player_10_active_x.exe /Silent

This is the licensed version of the Flash player.

When a user launches IE after this has been installed, the files are there but they have only a RED X. The IE plug ins show that the plug in is there and enabled.

If the users attempts to reinstall Flash under their profile, they can't. The yellow bar to install it never appears. If I sign on it lets me.

I have tried both launching the exe as well as running a batch file to do this. Both run as SYSTEM. This bundle runs at device refresh, assigned to workstations, and runs only if no one is signed onto the PC.

I am seeing these errors;

An Unknown exception occurred trying to process task: Novell.Zenworks.AppModule.LaunchException: Exception of type 'Novell.Zenworks.AppModule.LaunchException' was thrown. at Novell.Zenworks.AppModule.AppActionItem.ProcessAct ion(APP_ACTION launchType, ActionContext context, ActionSetResult previousResults)

But I am not sure if that is part of the problem or not. Anyone have this working as a Bundle?