I just installed a new OES2 SP1 server in an existaing edirectory. the install went with success. I am unable to login as admin to the ifolder administration web interface. I am receiving the error 'Your session has been closed. Please log in.' I did activate the DEBUG mode in the simias.log4net. here what I have in the log.

hope somebody can help me. I have spend several hours seeking for a solution.

2009-02-24 16:26:15,043 [-1275159648] DEBUG Simias.Security.Web.AuthenticationModule - In verify[rincipalfromrequest: soapmethod is GetAuthenticatedUser
2009-02-24 16:26:15,045 [-1275159648] DEBUG Simias.DomainProvider - domainID 911cb442-a703-4d0d-b3e5-ca5b704529f4
2009-02-24 16:26:15,045 [-1275159648] DEBUG Simias.Server.Authentication - Authenticate called
2009-02-24 16:26:15,049 [-1275159648] DEBUG Simias.LdapProvider.User - VerifyPassword for: admin
2009-02-24 16:26:15,144 [-1275159648] INFO Simias.Server.Authentication - Authenticated User iS : 9c1795ef-e676-44b1-883c-bc438a26ab46:admin Success
2009-02-24 16:26:15,157 [-1275159648] ERROR Simias.Server.Authentication - Object reference not set to an instance of an objectThe message should be catch properly
2009-02-24 16:26:15,157 [-1275159648] ERROR Simias.Server.Authentication - at Simias.Server.Authentication.Authenticate (Simias.Storage.Domain Domain, System.Web.HttpContext HttpCtx) [0x00000]