I'm new to the forum & not sure I'm posting in the correct place. I have been advised to post on this forum by the Netware 4.x forum.

We have a Novell 4.10 Network which we have recently introduced an MS SBS2003 Premium server.

We have a problem with user password synchronisation. When Novell prompts users to change passwords, we find that users get locked out of the SBS2K3 server.

The majority of our workstations are Win XP Prof. (fully patched) all running Novell Client 4.90 SP2.

After login, following the prompt to change passwords, we use Cntrl-Alt-Del & Change Password from the Novell pop up, the relevant resources are listed including the SBS 2k3 server in the pop up box on the left side. We then enter to old password & the new one twice to confirm it - we get the confirmation message that "all resources have been changed successfully". However when we try & access the SBS 2k3 server we are locked out.

If we go back to the change password screen the SBS 2k3 server is now missing from the list of resources we have access to.

The only way we can change the password is to go directly onto the MS SBS 2k3 server, login as administrator & then force a password change that way for this resource.

After rebooting the workstation, following the direct password change on the SBS 2k3 server, we are able to access everything again.

Can anybody suggest a solution to this problem that will allow users to change their own passwords when prompted to do so under our normal policy.

Thanks in advance.