Hi folks,

I've just newly installed a BM3.8 server with NW6.5. Everything has
gone smoothly, except that i can't get SSL authentication to work for
some reason.

Whenever i am redirected to the authentication web page, i get a
"Document contains no data" error from Mozilla. I've done a network
trace and found that the server is attempting to connect back to the
client on port 3024 (for the client trust check). When this times
out, it sends a redirect to a new web page:


I've also noticed that some folks have their authentication module
listening on 444 - how is this configured? I'm guessing that somehow
one of the Apache modules is listening on 443 and this is interfering
with the BM authentication module.

The client i'm using for testing is Mozilla on Red Hat Linux (since it
has no client trust), but this happens in Windows as well.
Paul Gear, Manager IT Operations
Redlands College, 38 Anson Road, Wellington Point 4160, Australia
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work fine.