I have two questions on the DHCP Migration from NW6.5sp7 to OES2sp1

First, what is the difference between server level and subnet level migration? I am not finding a definition between the two. I currently have 5 DHCP servers for each of my 5 subnets configured using the Novell DNS/DHCP Management utility. My plan is to migrate each of the NW6.5sp7 servers to OES2sp1 servers - basic server migration to new hardware. Since you already install DHCP as part of the OES2sp1 server install would it be a best practice to do a server level DHCP migration using the OES2 Novell Migration Utility and deleting the Linux DHCP server created in the install process?

The second question I have is when I have tested doing a server level DHCP migration, I seem to lose the static (Host) IPs configured. The DHCP range migrates perfectly. Am I missing a step during the migration process to bring over the manual IPs

Thanks for the help.