I have 4 NetWare servers running O/S es (3) 6.0 SP5 and 1 6.5 SP3 as well as several Windows servers located in our one site using an Intranet setup.

We are also running ZenWorks 4 for W/S to enable our users to use profiles on a Citrix Presentation Server, creating and/or maintaining them.

We are moving to OES2/SLES O/S servers but maintaining the Citrix server for applications run on one or more on our local intranet.


1. With the new system will ZenWorks for W/S need to be upgraded
as well because of the new O/Ses?

2. What version of ZenWorks would be the best product to employ?

Again, our aim is to facilitate usage of the Citrix server to access applications hosted in our Akron, Ohio plant whereas the servers are within an intranet serviced through frame relay, et all to other facilities in 2 other states.

Thank you in advance with whatever info or gotchas you may submit