I am recapping a thread that started on 6/2/2008 "Novell Client 4.91 SP4
Mangles Printing Ability" I just want to Bring it up again because it
seems to have fallen off the Radar and I know for our campus this is a
big problem.

The problem is New workstation setups with just Windows XP SP2 or SP3
with the latest updates and Novell Client with SP2 to SP5 are having
problems when printing direct IP to HP4350, 4250 4300 2430 3005, 1320
2015 1300 6015 and 6000 printers with their latest drivers, PCL5 or
PCL6, or the universal driver. Does not seem to matter what
application, doing a print test, printing from IE, or wordpad. You may
get one page to print but by the second or 3rd you get a printing error
or the application locks.

If a user say "smith" logs into the novell client as workstation only.
They print fine. Uninstall Novell client and it prints fine. If a user
logs in Workstation only and then right clicks on the Red N and logs
into Novell it prints fine. Their are few users that always work.
Which makes me think that something related to printing is being stored
in the account in edirectory. Most users do not work though and I can
find nothing wrong with their act. Many of our users log into the
Novell account with their user name say "smith" and then log into
Windows as a generic account say "lab". This same user smith could log
into the same workstation to windows and novell as smith and it works no
problem. This same user can go to an old Windows XP box that hasn't
been updated in forever with Novell Client 4.90 log in as smith to
novell, lab to windows and have no problem. It does not seem to matter
if the Windows machine is in the domain or not. We have tried other
print drivers that are included in windows and regardless of how user
smith logs in they print fine. Although this is not a work around since
we cannot configure features like duplexing etc. If you print to a fake
printer to create a Adobe PDF file it prints fine. We have some other
brands of printers and we have no problem printing to them either. We
have called HP and they say it is not their problem that it is Novell's
problem. I am running out of ideas on what to try and every week we get
a department that has bought a new printer and the problem just gets bigger.