I have someone whom I email reguilarly who has a hotmail account. About a
week ago he started ignoring me - well come to find out, he wasn't
ignoring me, he just wasn't getting my email. I've sent him probably 30
messages in the last week on various issues. So today we started trying to
troubleshoot it. I could sent him mail from gmail. But he also has a
couple of "forwarder" accounts, and if I mailed to one of those it would not
appear in hotmail either. We tested today with me sending him at least 10
messages and none of them would deliver to him (but I received no errors).

So, I tried sending from another email account here - like danita2 and
danita.zanre - they both went through, but landed in his junk mail account
and he marked them as not junk. After that suddenly I could send from my
regular "danita" address and it went right through.

It almost seems like something was blocking mail from me to him. But only
the "danita" account. So, I don't know why accepting mail from danita2 and
danita.zanre suddenly would allow danita to work.

Bizarre - but there you have it. So, if you run into similar issues, try
sending from another account on the same domain and see if that unblocks it

Time to upgrade to GW8!