ZCM 10.1.3 ON OES2

Since the 10.1.3 upgrade there has been a marked decrease in the amount of
error messages and we are now seeing the hot list as a possibly useful
feature. The problem we are seeing is that many of our workstations are
listed in the hot list as having one Non Compliant item that we can not
figure out. If we look in the relationships tabs on the workstation all
bundles and policies are good, yet it still shows up in the Hot list with a
non compliant item.

Also we have policies with failure messages from June on people or computers
that are no longer here.

The message cleanup under Configuration has no effect on either of these
items, I have deleted all messages and they still persist.

So my question: Is it possible to manually clean these up?

Yesterday it worked.
Today it is not working.
Windows is like that.