Hi all,

My name is Giuliano and I'm writing from Italy.
I'm writing because I have some questions for NSD eDirectory 8.8SP2.
My doubts are:

1. Is possible to install eDirectory 8.8SP2 only SLES Linux distro?
eDirectory is a rpm package?
Is possible to install eDirecotry to Ubuntu 8.04LTS?

2. I would like to change my Win2003 Server AD with eDirectory but I don't
understand if NDS is only a Directory Services or implement a Domain
Controller for Microsoft client login.
I have read many threads in some forums but I haven't found a good
For me is necessary to have a Domain Controller.
I don't understand if NSD use a particular release of samba or if is
necessary to configure to hand this daemon.

3. eDirectory use a logical tree structure like Win AD.
Is possible to create a forest like in the AD?
Do you know a guide for migration my AD to NDS?

Thanking in advance and sorry for my english.