Ok...I have read a several posts and documents about OES 2 SP1 and have
a few questions. Many of these posts and the way Novell screwed up the
upgrades make me almost scared to upgrade. I spent a lot of time in the
forums last year before we started installing OES 2 and the setup in
question 1 was what I found to be best, because I did not have the cash
for a external drive cabinet (I know I need a san.)- Thanks in advance.
The guys that monitor these forums are top notch.

1. We built ALL of our OES 2 servers using EVMS for all volumes except
/boot. We wanted consistency withing the building procedures and the
ability to go to NSS if required. Were looking to start patching them
to OES 2 SP1. While we don't have any NSS on the servers, do we still
have to go through the "path to your system disk" or nwset processes
outlined in the OES 2 SP1 README?

Current Array:
1 controller
- 1 array

Current Partitioning:
/evms (/root and swap)
/evms (data partitions non nss.)

2. In building production servers in the future, is it better to build
two arrays with the same controller (1 system the other for data). Then
not build the servers with EVMS for the system, but use EVMS to manage
the second array?

Controller 1
- Array 1 (SYSTEM) LVM
- Array 2 (DATA) EVMS

3. We have about 200 remote locations that we want to upgrade from OES
2 Netware to OES 2 Linux. The servers have mirrored SATA drives
currently. Should I just forget NSS and just use NCP?