I apologize for a question like this, but I am struggling to to grasp the concept of Zen Imaging.

I do have imaging experience with Ghost and Clonzezilla, but I'm new to the whole Zenworks part of it.

The Zenworks documentation kinda leads one to beleive that it is just a matter of installing the agent, running "zac fsg -d" and then take and distribute the image through ZCC... Hovever, I see numerous post on this forum that talk about other steps like ziswin, deleting *.sav files, clearing image safe data, sysprep, etc.

I guess my question would be how much of this is required? And then how does ZCM handle things like device names/ID's when the new machines come online?

Maybe I should be asking if there is an accurate guide/TID/ZCM for Dummies. Again, I do know about the ZCM documentation, but it seems to conflict with much of the information on these forums.