We are currently running Arcserve 11.1sp3 and OES NW65sp6. I recently updated Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition to (from When server comes up now it has a problem with arcserve database file. Backup runs ok, however, when restoring from backup, I see sessions backed up, but cannot see files to restore.

Error on Arcserve log file:

Feb-22 18:10:40 BTRV Failed to access: ASTPSDAT.DB, 84
Attempting to: Insert Record
Record Locked
Feb-22 18:10:40 ASDB NLM ASDB : End merging of file
[SYS:\ARCSERVE\TEMP\00000238.BAK]. 1 records merged to
Error on Server Logger screen:
NWMKDE -211: System Error: 116.4.0 File: Sys:Arcserve/Database/ASTPSDAT.DB

What action should I take??
Please advice.
thank you.