On the serverside the upgrade havent given us any issues we know of,
but,, really,, the new client's are terrible.

I initially thought that It was simply with my Nokia E70 that the new
client wasn't that good, but as of now, all users here are REALLY
disappointed with the new client.

On E70,, I've gotten new features as 1-key-reboot
This off course probably NOT on purpose since the key I was going for
was reply to a mail..,,, still, it's a fast reboot of the phone.....

On E70 and other Nokia phones, the new client shows behaviour as;
1. Very slow on all phones.
2. Doesn't seem to sync automatically, only by pushing the sync-now it
occurs. Im having it set to sync every hour, but it's just
disconnected all the time.

Previous 2.x versions actually worked flawslessly with the Nokia
phones, but this build is a joke and....probably worth noting, NOT
Novell's fault since they have to be Nokia's own build.

And, Yes, my phone was completly un-installed, both on the phone and
on the GMS Server before installing the new version.

Any ideas/issues using the older clients with the new GMS Server ?