can you help me, please, with following problem?

We have Networker client 7.2.1 with latest(?) patches (LGTsc14258) installed on four cluster nodes. On three nodes we have no problems, but on the fourd one during start of backup process I can see following error message on logger screen:

CLUSTER-<INFO>-<212>: Read ResVol error -708

The affected server is on NW65SP7 and has one cluster volume, SYS volume and two other nonclustered volumes.

I have checked any possible reason I could imagine - Networker client configuration, DNS records for virtual cluster nodes, hosts tables on all server and on Networker server, hostname table for that node, NCP server properties in eDir .... no success...
I have made test recover of that server, all data seemed be O.K.
I have several times unloaded and then loaded TSAFS.NLM from hand (with /Cluster parameter) - no error message.

Many thanks for any advice.