I have just stumbled upon an issue. I have created two locations - Office Wired and Office Wireless. I have setup the network environment for both and can get it to work initially, which is great. But we have numerous sites that are all on different subnets 172.x, 192.x and 10.x

I can set the network environment so it will recognise one Gateway, but if I want to include all the other sites I would also need to include these gateways too, this is where the problem lies. There are 70! I have ticked the check box for 'Must Match' and minimum match of two, thinking it will also look at the DNS server addresses and DHCP server address. When I go to save the environment it changes the minimum match to 70 - So the client always goes to the 'Unknown Location' because there can only be one gateway not 70.

Is there an easy way of doing this as I do not want to have to setup 70 Defined Locations?

If I leave them all un-checked it will recognise the Office Wired location but I then have problems opening applications ie - Word documents from a network drive.