I've tried experimenting with this and find OES-Linux to be a few major steps backwards from Netware in regards to online disk expansion - even worse with NCS. My impression is that my experience is typical but here is a recap in case I'm looney. In each case, my disks are volumes on an iSCSI array.

1) NSS. I can create an NSS pool, then go to the array and expand the disk. Using iscsiadm, I can rescan and SLES/OES pretends to see the new size as seen in nssmu and evmsgui. However, if you try to use the new space by expanding a pool, very very bad things happen. If I reboot before attempting to use the new space, everything is fine.

2) Cluster volumes with EXT3. I find it crazy that the only two supported methods of expanding a volume are to span to a new disk or to replace with a larger disk. Both operations can cause substantial down time as they also involve offlining and fsck'ing of the disks. With a 80GB groupwise post office, this could be real ugly.

Am I the crazy one or have I stepped back in time to the stone age?

Tony Wyland
Messiah College