We are looking to use Border as a firewall to put in place within our
environment as a "cyber cafe" or hospitality type of implementation. We
already have a number of Border servers implemented within our system and
would like to stay consistent. The goal is to have users who are
segmented from our normal users via specific VLANs to a firewall. The
users will be providing their own devices most of the time so we want to
be sure that the implementation is non-intrusive and straight forward for
the users. We also require that we are able to filter specific types of
sites (pornography) for all users (we use Surf Control on our other Border
servers). In a perfect world there would be no need to login for those
users and we have no interest in tracking their activity.

For each location we would probably have a maximum of 100 users, with
maybe 20 being concurrent. I am having a difficult time trying to make
Border fit within this design.

Thank you in advance.