I'm attempting to evaluate NW65SP8 in my test lab before considering rolling out to production. Test lab was two NetWare 6.5 SP7 servers running eDir 8.8.2 ftf2, one SLES10SP1/OES2 server running eDir 8.8 SP2. NCS as well.

Applied NW65SP8 to the first NW65 server; it also upgraded to EDIR88SP4. After the server rebooted and was up for a bit, service processes maxed out. It also maxed out the service processes on the other NW65 server which wasn't upgraded yet. Normally these servers run about 20-40 service processes but these both maxed at 750. NRM seems to indicate SERVER.NLM is using them but I'm not sure what for. Unloaded java (tomcat, etc) on the second (unpatched) server brought the current processes count down to around 300 and server hasn't complained (though its hovering at that number). The upgraded SP8 server rebooted several times (hard reboot - hardware just restarted). It's currently in the 20-40 range again.

DSREPAIR shows no errors. There were no errors generated during the SP8 install. Prior to the SP8 install, these servers were stable and never exhibited any problems (unpatched one has been up over 160 days).

Any idea's why SP8 would cause this? I'm hesitant to consider a production rollout right now. I'm still fixing the first server (sp8 broke imanager) and then will attempt the install on the second NW65 server.

P.S. The SP8 install messed up iManager. I had 2.7.1 installed with most plugins working just fine. After the SP8 upgrade (I chose to install imanager plugins), the graphics were all messed up (like some were missing and all I saw was text in its place). I ended up removing iManager and am reinstalling it now (so far so good).