In my organization, we are only allowed to patch computers from 10:00 pm until 6:00 am the next morning. I want to use the Remediation Schedule - Date Specific function for deploying patches and stay within my narrow window of time, and I thought I could use the "Start at a random time between Start and End Times" feature.

For example, I wanted to start patching on 02/25/09 starting at 10:00 pm, ending at 6:00 am, and I wanted the same schedule for 02/26/09. I added 02/26/09 and 02/27/09 as Start Dates, checked the "Process immediately if device unable to execute on schedule" option, selected the "Start at a random time between Start and End Times" feature, and set the Start Time for 10:00 pm and the End Time for 6:00 am. Unfortunately, I have computers patching at 11:00 am on 02/26/09, which is not at all what I intended.

Do the Start and End Times have to fall on the same date? Based on how I did it above, what logic is ZENworks using to determine that it's ok to patch at 11:00 am? I was trying to mimic the old-style blackout schedule we used to have with PatchLink. Is it even possible to do it without having to specify a content blackout schedule, which would effect not only patch bundles, but my bundles, settings, and policies?