I find after installing our complete platform on OES2 Linux that the iFolder Provider for NetStorage is not supported on Linux in NetStorage. After doing some research I can't find an answer to these two basic questions.

Will this functionality be supported on OES2 Linux? (I'm using the very latest versions of everything).

I may misunderstand the use of iFolder, however, without this link, my users would effectively have silo's of information. Their iFolder stuff and the rest of the corporate and team documents. The later can't be stored just using iFolder. I proposed using iFolder to allow our road warriors to move files via NetStorage into iFolder that they could then work offline with.

Is there not a way to integrate iFolder files into the main file store? Ultimately, I can see that Teaming will solve this problem as user can check files out to work on when offline, but I'm looking for an interim solution.