hi all

i am configuring OES and edirectory with SLES 10 SP2.

i am done with configuring edirectory and also added "domain services for windows".

i am able to add windows machines to the edirectory and also have users login to the domain.

but when it comes to addding a linux machine to the domain i had a horrible time till i found this command does it.

namconfig add -a cn=administrator,dc=air,dc=smb -r ou=novell,dc=air,dc=smb -w dc=air,dc=smb -S -l 636

attempts to add the machine to the domain from the LUM in the client failed.
if i add the machine with the parameters
-w cn=Computers,dc=air,dc=smb
it fails with the error.
Creating the Unix Workstation object...Object class violation

finally after i do add the linux machine to the domain i do not get a drop down in the login screen to log in users of edirectory in the client.

plz guide.