meanwhile I think Zenworks 10 is not a software but a bug.....

Everythink is slow, there are erros in bundles no one can explain... for example msi files that are working correct manually but through Zenworks there are msi errors 1603, 259.....

The worst thing is the agent installation on terminalserver.... you have to wait for the login up to 15 minutes... when this has happen, the agent refreshes every 3-4 minutes and the utiliuation is very high! We have 4 terminalserver with load-balancing and since the installation there are only problems... user cannot login (lang waiting time), icons are shown but nothing is happen after a double-cklick. Additionally the ZCC often hangs up after the installation on the terminalserver, so that the services or the zenworks server have to be restartet..

All in all.... I'm very disappointed.

Bravo Novell, our users are not able to work efficient any more!

By the way, I'm talking abotu ZCM Agent 10.1.3!