I have to deploy several FSC Esprimo V5535 Notebooks. Becaus they are new and never were in the eDirectory i have to do this manually.

I installed one V5535 complete an i could do the img mp... command successfuly.

But now when i want to restore the image to all other Esprimo V5535 with the
img rp... command it just hangs.

ZENWorks Imaging starts and shows the bluescrenn that has to display this red / green progressbar. But this bar never shows up and thats it.

These Notebooks have SiS Chipset with SiS191 LAN and a 160GB SATA HardDrive.

Thi NIC and the Harddrive were recognized successfully. I can list the drive with fdisk -l

What can i do?

Thanks a lot!