When we first got our servers up and running here we were Netware only. Over the years we've added a Windows server and several Linux servers (none SuSE unfortunatley). At this point we ocassionally get some DNS issues (slow lookups, servers not talking to each other, etc). And now (from a previous thread about 5 below this one) NAMED isn't working quite right. So I'm trying to figure out if its time to scrap our exisitng DNS and start over or if its fixiable and just needs some major tweeking to get everyone happy. So first off:
1. Which is the easier utility to use: iManager for DNS or the older DNSDHCP utility?

2. Should I have my firewall set as the DNS master and just have all my internal servers pointing to it and turn off DNS request forwarding?

3. Should I have my <shudder> Windows server as the primary and have my NetWare servers pointing to it?

4. Or is there a good way of cleaning up the NetWare DNS and just leave Windows server the way it is?

Our network is pretty simple except for the fact that our main domain is hosted off-site and we have a different domain we use for internal traffic. So maybe its just me needing to brush up on how to set up the exceptions (FTP, internal webmail, etc.)?

Any and all help is GREATLY appreciated!