While browsing through the various posts in the forum I came across this comment from one of the users that caught my attention:

"You can launch the collection editor from the client workstation to perform the inventory using the command line below, even when all your collection option sets are set to not run the collection editor. The collection editor must be installed on the workstation for this process to work properly.

"C:\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks\Asset Management\Bin\cclient.exe" scannow:edit
(or if you have upgraded from TSCensus use
"C:\Program Files\Tally Systems Corp\TSCensus\Bin\cclient.exe" scannow:edit )"

My question is this, we are on ZAM 7.5 IR17, we started way back under Tally TSCensus 2.0. When I look under Program Files I see an entry for both Novell and Tally. Will having both of them in place cause any problems? I do get system information on a regular basis, I just want to make sure it is not something that I should be worried about.