I have a strange issue, I'll explain what happens.

The image I have created runs a script after the workstation has
finished building that installs the ZCM agent. After a reboot the PC has
registered in the zone correctly and all looks well, except...

After going into the properties of the agent it shows the DNS Name as and the IP address as, this is the correct IP
address of the server.

After a zac unr and then a zac reg https://zenmgr... it shows the DNS as
correct and the IP as above.

Last week I moved the server into a new domain and re-issued the
certificate and then updated to 10.1.3 at the end of the week.

The old agent I had (tries to) register the new workstation to the old
DNS name of the server and the new agent obviously registers to the IP
address instead.

I have re-done the agent with the new DNS name but this doesn't seem to
have made a difference.

On a side note the primary server has the agent showing the IP address
as not which it use to, the other primary server I
have shows the IP address as

Does anyone have an idea of where I could have gone wrong with the new
cert, is this easy enough to resolve, any ideas at all???

One thing I just thought of though, I could download the agent from the
other primary server, does anyone think this could work?

Thanks for any help.