I am running a XEN Host machine ( SLES10SP2 ) with 2 guests, Windows
Server 2003 and SLES10SP2. As OES2SP1 has been released now I wanted to
upgrade my SLES guest to OES2. I have done this already on the XEN host
- for the recommended services LUM and SMS only - without any problems.
Now I wanted to do th same for the guest. I mounted my physical CD to
/media/cdrom where I verified that I find all my files. Then I added
this source as described in the documentation as an ADD ON product. I
came to the point to accept licence agreement, was asked in which
language to install, packages were read in and then I got my screen
where to decide which OES components to install. So far so good. But now
whatever services I select I only get error messages when checking the
dependencies. For all components it is said that there are no
"installable providers" ( or suppliers, vendors, ... as my server
language is German I do not know the exact error message in English" and
I only can ignore this or not do any installation. Somebody has any
ideas what I did wrong?