When the decision was made to move from ZfD 7 running on Netware 6.5 and ZPM 6.4 running on Win2k3 to ZCM 10.x running on Win2k8, I shut down the Win2k3 ZPM server, deleted its VM and created a new Win2k8 VM in its place using the same IP address. My reasoning is that all of my workstations are configured to look for patch management on that IP address.

I have ZCM 10.1.3 installed now.

The workstations that I have deployed the ZCM agent to are still running the ZPM agent. Are they supposed to be? I didn't know if the ZCM agent took the place of the ZPM agent or not.

My licenses seem to be replicating OK. But, the vulnerabilities aren't replicating. Is that because I didn't shut down the ZPM server correctly before bringing up ZCM?