Here's a scenario that we're facing that I need your input on.

Our domain is In Internet Addressing, we have an additional domain called which is also a legitimate domain for a real company out there. This is set up because we have one person in our system who's email needs to appear to come from instead of

We have internet addressing turned on and also first/last completion in all of its forms because we have some apps that use first/last completion to send mail

Here's the problem. We have a user named joe smith in (userid jsmith). There is also a REAL user named joe smith at When a person here sends an email to, the internet addressing, because of name matching, is instead routing the email to When we turn off the name matching, the problem goes away but we can't turn it off in production.

Is there a way to send a message to that would override or bypass the name completion and force it to be routed through the gwia to the outside world? Some format we could put the name in to accomplish this?