Hello all,

Status: Netware 6.5 sp8, iPrint client 5.12, Windows Xp sp3, assume most everything is up to date.

Our users can install printers, no problem. Everyone has rights to every printer in the buildings.

We want to restrict certain printers so that only a few individuals can print to them. In iManager, we removed all rights to those printers, including user rights, so that only the people that are allowed to print to those printers have rights. Here is where it is interesting.

If a user has already install that printer, they can continue to print to that printer even though they do not have any rights to that printer. If a user has not already installed the printer, they are prevented from installing the printer, giving us the desired result. However, we still do not want users with the printer installed prior to the rights changes to have access to those printers.

Am I missing something?

For people that do not have rights, we'd also like to have some sort of pop-up that would say "Print job unsuccessful, insufficient rights".

Can this be done?