This weekend I ran into an issue with my vm netware 6.5 SP4a server. When I restarted the server if would never completely come up to a prompt. However the volumes all mounted fine and you can get to them. Since this is VM it was a challenge for me to get the server to reboot to the c:\ so I can run server -na. At first it seemed like it hangs when nfsstart.ncf was loaded and I recieved an error after it would load modules like nisserv, jnet, etc. I remmed out the autoexec of the nfsstart since we don't use it. It was weird it would come up and just stop. I could toggle the server but could not restart it with out the command line. I tried the alternate prompt and it was frozen for any commands. I even tried the Remote Managers and send commands. It would not work. But I can get to all the data. I finally got the ESC key down during the VM boot up and did the server - ns, startup, loadstages 1-5. everything seemed to load OK but when I loaded autoexec or stage5 it would stop. When I toggle the logger screen shows no errors. I tried reming almost everything out of the autoexec and it didn't work. When I loaded stage 5 the server would also stop responding so I only have it loaded as stage 4 and autoexec, This is because I rebuilt the server and want it up long enough to copy the files. Has anyone come across this before? I have never seen a server that comes up 3/4 of the way.