In our environment we are more secure than most (or at least try very hard). Our environment is a combination of Netware 6 and OES2 Linux.

We have two sites, with servers at both sites. There is a firewall between the two sites.

Currently the servers can "time sync" and "EDir sync" without issue.

On an OES2 Linux server at our satellite location, I ran "Support Config". The process took over an hour. After investigating it appears that "ndsstat -s .." command too a long to to run. Several servers in the report from "ndsstat -s .." came up "Unknown".

Running "support config" on a Linux server in this location ran in 10 minutes and had no such unknown servers.

It appears to me that there is a firewall rule blocking communications from the satellite location to my site. I am not a firewall expert, and I do not have access to the firewalls. Where do I start?