Hi All

Hope you can help.

My setup :-

Internal BM3.9server LAN on 172.20.x.x/16 address, WAN card on 10.4.x.1/24 address.
Static routes to all vlans, and default route to our core router on 172.20.x.x.

Cisco switch 3560 in DMZ directly attached to WAN of Inner DMZ and LAN of outer DMZ with 10.4.x.250/24 address and all ports set to vlan2 and access ports with very basic config.

External BM3.9 with LAN on 10.4.x.251/24 address and the WAN card set to public. Static routes telling it about all vlans, and default route to the internet router.

We have two Win2003 boxes in there with filters allowing access to windows shares and the performance is bad, ive tried dropping the filters but it does not help so im not convinced its a firewall issue. Ive tried changing the default gateway of the windows boxes direct to the WAN address of the Inner DMZ server but this does not help. Accessing these shares gives poor performance.

Before i go into too much detail, is there anything glaringly obviously wrong with my above setup?. Please insult away!, as long as it gets sorted i dont mind getting a booting!.

Many thanks