OES2 SP1 Linux
NSS volumes

TSA is not being used (we're using NetBackup 6.5.2, which does not need TSAFS to backup NSS data--according to both Novell and Symantec)

I'm getting horribly slow transfer rates.

The volume in question has the following stats:

FibreChannel connected vdisk to a Xiotech Magnitude SAN

Total size: 120 GB
Free Space: 50 GB
Used Space: 70 GB

# of Object: 4,211,600
# of Files: 3,968,848

Backs up across a gigabit LAN to another server sitting next to it (the netbackup server, which goes to a tape library). Ironically all my other NSS volumes on OES2 SP1 Linux or NetWare 6.5.7 go significantly faster than this box.

Originally I thought it was a problem with TSA. But now that TSA isn't even in the picture, that would mean NSS or NetBackup, IMO.

Server is identical hardware to my other Linux and NetWare boxes (HP BL-460c).

I copied the data on that volume to a NetWare server and it suffers the same issue at that point (terrible backup performance)

15+ hours to backup 15 GB of data (a bit slow).