OK, under Zen 7 since it applied user and workstation policies based upon the eDirectory user account that you login to eDirectory with, we could login as an admin/unlocked user, but then log in to the windows account as the locked down user to troubleshoot issues and or make necessary changes. ex. Log in as tech (full admin account) to eDir, but then log in to the workstation (Windows login) as student (locked down account). How would you do this under ZCM? Right now, if we try this methodology, the ZCM agent shows us as being under the Admin policy but we can not make any changes to the system, don't have access to task manager, regedit etc. Basically like we're still locked down.

So, is there a way around this other than adding our student account to an admin policy temporarily (which is not an option as we have hundreds of generic accounts like student)? Or is it that our policies just are not being distributed properly/consistently?

Anyone else run into this out there or have any suggestions?