Hi Guy's

I have a netware small business 6.0 running border manager.

The hardware configuration consist of 4 nic's respectively connected with
ISP1, ISP2, 1 DMZ (with a web server)and 1 lan (internal)

at this time the running configuration is

the default route is set to ISP1 plus a reverse proxy between ISP1 and the
In this case the internal users have access to Internet and the web server
is visible from Internet.The ISP2 connection is not in use.

At this time I try to modify the configuration to route the internal
traffic from lan to ISP2, and let the traffic from Internet go true ISP1
to the DMZ.

To do that I modified the default route from ISP1 to ISP2 and in this case
the internals users have access to the web, but the web server in the DMZ
in not visible from Internet. I suspect that something is missing but I
could not sea it.

I hope that somebody have a idea to help me