Here's my original question in the wrong forum, and the suggested course of action:

> Recently the NW logins have been taking from a minute to several
> minutes to login. It seems to be a global problem, and I've tried a lot
> of basic stuff already, but not sure where to look. Any advice would
> help!
> Thank you.

Please post in the client forum, but before doing so, try to grab a packet
trace of your logins. I suggest Wireshark. Also: What part of the login
seems to take time? Put write statements in your login script to check.

- Anders Gustafsson (Sysop)
The Aaland Islands (N60 E20)


So, here's where I'm at, please be nice and take it slow, as I'm not really a Novell person at all:

I did a packet capture by mirroring a port on the router and watched just the traffic to one station's login. I discovered the problem. It is a DNS problem, but not sure of the correct way to solve it.

There's a NW6 file server, thats all its used for. All XP clients, no AD anywhere, no other servers, no other anything. The clients are all checking each DNS address for the server, but all of our DNS addresses are only for internet and are the ones from TimeWarner! Its not usually a problem, but recently I added a backup one for when TimeWarner fails, from OpenDNS. The issue is that OpenDNS doesn't return a "no such name" instead it returns some data after about 45 seconds of waiting around and then the client finally gives up and starts the SERVLOC protocol.

How do I tell all the clients to not bother with DNS at all? I assume I have to do it on each machine since a login script would require the server to been seen already! =)

I'll keep searching the forums, but any specific advice would be awesome. Thanks!