upgraded NW6sp4 server to NW6.5sp1a from overlay CD
then upgraded BM3.7 to BM3.8 from CDs and applied last weeks b1bm38sp1

there are no updated TCP nlms in the BM38sp1 beta

the TCP nlms in the NW6.5sp1a cd are:
bsdsock.nlm 27/11/2003
tcp.nlm 09/12/2003
tcpip.nlm 27/10/2003

the tcp nlms on the BM3.8 companion CD are:
bsdsock.nlm 01/10/2003
tcp.nlm 01/10/2003
tcpip.nlm 10/10/2003

Craig book mentions using the BM files, but seems to predate the NW6.5sp1a release
the tips on the website don't specifically mention the TCP files, and by omission seem to suggest using the NW6.5sp1a files

so which should I use, the NW6.5sp1a files, or the specific BM companion CD files?


PS Craigs tips for BM3.8 say to install bm38sp1 beta patch, then two VPN patches, but current bm38sp1a patch notes indicate that VPN files supperceed the files in the other 2 VPN patches......