We currently have a Zenworks for desktop 6.5 sp2 on Netware 6.5 sp7 enviroment that we are working on migrating to ZCM Sp1 on windows 2003.

We are using edirectory 8.8 as the LDAP user source for ZCM.

Using the Zen migration tool our applications are migated just fine
We never used the workstation management portion of Zenworks 6.5
so migrating workstations is not needed. However when it comes time to migrate our application assocations the migration tool crashes after 88 asscations are migrated. The error it gives is a generic windows error asking if you would like to report this to microsoft.

Has anyone else seen this? if so are there any work arounds? This is a problem because we have over 800 assocatations that need to be migrated between the two zenworks versions