Hi - I have a BorderManager server which I am trying to set up for NNTP
access to a specific newsgroup.

Our firewall has been opened up for this traffic and we can see requests
going out when I try to access the group. However, the only response I get
back is a 502 "access restriction" error.

Looking on the 'net, it seems that this error applies when private
(internal) news servers are restricted from downloading articles from the
newsgroup server.

I have my BM server set as a private (internal) news server but, even if I
remove this setting, I still get the same error.

If I bypass BorderManager and just go through the firewall, I can get to
the newsgroup without any problem. I'm told it can't be an access (IP
address) restriction at the newsgroup end as both the firewall and the BM
server "hide" behind the same IP address

Anybody have any idea what I'm doing wrong?