In ZEN 7 you could "chain" apps via the Run -> Application Dependencies.

However, I was always under the impression that this was if you needed one app to run before another one (ie, App ABC required that MSI 3.1 was on the machine first or something)


Wait on Force Run, where you may have 10 diff "things" you want to ensure are installed, they do NOT depend upon one another (ie, GroupWise has nothing to do with say, McAfee VirusScan), but you needed to control the ORDER in which they got installed. (or, because you can't run more than one MSI "thing" at a time, you had to use Wait on Force Run).

When using the migration utility I noticed it mentioned something about wait on force run no longer used, chaining was used instead.

The docs on chaining aren't very clear (IMO) regarding bundle install order vs. actual "dependency".

Is "chaining" the correct mechanism to use if you have say, 30 "forced run" apps and you want them installed in either a particular order or something?

Seems a bit messy, IMO.

But I've not yet tried to build a massive chain yet either.