I have two offices, each one has a different Internet proxy server. I have created two bundles, each with a single action - to edit the registry and set the correct proxy address in the HKCU hive. The action runs as the user. Everything was working fine until there was a problem with the proxy server in one of the offices. I changed the bundle relationship for the workstations in that office so that they would use the working proxy server. That did exactly what I had intended. The problem now is that they won't change back. I deleted the temporary relationship and created a new relationship for the correct bundle. After refreshing the workstations, the ZCM status shows that the correct bundle is applied but the proxy settings in IE aren't changed. I tried increasing the version number and the workstations show the updated version but the registry is unchanged.

There are no error messages for the bundle in the ZCM Console. The workstation objects are displaying "Error in the TLS certificate chain. Message: An internal certificate chaining error has occurred.."