we have pc's using bm3.7 as proxy server and i have added hosts records to
both the local pc and the bm server to redirect sites like ar.atwola.com
but they are still able to resolve them. We due use to other internal server
in the dhcp settings pushed to clients that are running internal dns, i have
added these hosts enties to those also. My question is what is the order
that a dns request takes from a pc. I thought it check the local host first
but doesn't appear to do that? Also after that what is the next order and
the next please.

Second question is i have started adding hosts records for
ads.doubleclick.net, due to when i but a deny rule in for these, when you
call up a yahoo page that has and add on it you get the 405 error that says
denied, good so far, but then when the users try to click any thing else
they get 404 errors and try to back up using the back button then they are
just stuck thier and have to close the browser and start all over till they
hit another page with the block on and ads.doubleclick.net.

Hope this makes sense. any questions and i will try to explain better.