I am having an issue with the bundle I created for Adobe Photoshop CS4 being slow to access along with any computer that is tagged in ZCM 10 web console. For example, it take about 3 to 5 minutes for the console to display the summary page for the application of the photoshop bundle and the same thing happens with any computer that I tag with this bundle to.

The way this bundle is setup is a windows empty bundle with actions to copy the installations files for photoshop onto the computer and then launch the exe to do the install. At first I tried uploading the one big installation folder up to server, but I got error messages from the server.

Next, I tried breaking the uploading and deployment down by uploading specific folders of the installation separately. By uploading the folder separately seemed to work, as I got no errors from the server as I had previously. Once I uploaded all the other folders, except for the payloads folder, I incremented the bundle and wait a day to access the bundle again. The next day I access the bundle summary page without any slowness. So, I added the payloads folder which is about 1 GB in size. It seems once I uploaded the payloads folder to the server viewing the summary of application became slow and the same thing happen when I tagged the application to a computer. The server gave me not errors after this package once the upload was complete, as it had before with the upload of the whole photoshop installation folder. I had the server restarted and still the slowness was there.

The only thing I can think of is the ZCM does not like the size of the folder and maybe the folder structure underneath the payloads folder, as some of the folders in the payloads folders have 5 deep folder structure or more in them. When I pulled up the application window the application is not there for the computer, even though it is tagged directly to the computer, ZCM console confirms this, but the deployment status is unknown. Anyone has any ideas?

My next troubling shooting step is to delete the add action for the payload folder to see if the application respone returns to normal.