at a customers network there is a NW6SP3 BM3.6EE running as VPN Master
an Proxy-Cache-Firewall.

There are several Client-to-Site VPN clients.

There is *one* Site-to-Site VPN Tunnel, the end point on the other side
is a SmallBusiness Server NetWare 6 with the included BM3.6

Certain things for this constellation to take care of before upgrading
the master to NBM3.8 and the NetWare it is running on to NW6SP4?

Will the VPN security information 'survive' the BM3.6->NBM3.8 Upgrade?

Craig's Book " ... beginners guide ... BM" 3rd Edition Beta Version 1
is here, but after reading I'm not 100% sure especially what will happen
to the VPN certificates and the access rules.

Craig describes, that by the clipboard the access rules can be saved.
Who can give more details upon howto exactly, and how to paste them back?

Thanks, Rudi.